Insurance and HSA/FSA

Can I use my Health Savings/Flexible Spending Account?

Massage Therapy can be eligible for use with your Flexible Spending/Health Savings Account.

GreenKey Wellness can process most HAS/FSA cards and provide an itemized receipts to submit to your HSA/FSA.

Prior to scheduling an appointment, contact your HSA/FSA to determine if Massage Therapy is a covered wellness option. It’s important to find out if the itemized receipt is all you need. Some companies also require a prescription or referral from your primary care provider prior to treatment.


Will my insurance pay for massage?

GreenKey Wellness will bill your insurance company when it is a possible and will provide itemized receipts for reimbursement efforts when it is not. You healing after an accident or injury is important and we do what is in our power to aid in that.

Prior to scheduling an appointment, contact your insurance company to determine if Massage Therapy is a covered, under what conditions and if you need a prescription from your primary care provider. Massage Therapists cannot diagnose and do not provide prescriptions.

GreenKey Wellness can often bill Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury patients if required paperwork and authorization has been obtained and verified. Once you have confirmed Massage Therapy is covered and under what circumstances, GreenKey Wellness will need the following from you to move forward with the authorization process:
• the Insurance Company Phone Number
• a copy of the Massage Prescription and
• a copy of your state Issued ID
In the event authorization can not be obtained for a Personal injury or Worker’s Comp case, GreenKey can provide you with an itemized receipt to submit for reimbursement.

GreenKey Wellness can not generally bill standard Health Insurance Policies directly. An  itemized receipt can be provided to you  to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please Note: Even when using HSA/FSA or authorized insurance billing, clients are ultimately responsible for payment of services rendered.